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Welcome to Sedona, Arizona

              and Grand Canyon Country

        I want to personally thank you for visiting this site and invite you into my world of "great life".  I've been lucky enough to see the earth in a way that makes me be proud to be a part of it, and to share my vision and experiences with others through art and story. Please feel free to preview my book below entitled "To Sedona". It is about my quest to get to the southwest, photos of this beautiful place once I arrived, and a little bit of philosophy on how this place affects me. Happy reading! There is also a link to purchase the book if you want a hard copy for yourself.

                                                                                Lisa Hering



        Sedona, Arizona is a tremendous place, with landscape so fantastic you would think you were on a movie set. In fact, you would be. Sedona has been used as the back drop to dozens of Western films, and is now home to a film school and film festival. U.S.A. Today voted it the most beautiful spot in America to live. I live in this not-so-sleepy little town at the base of the Colorado plateau, and the stories and photos I share will be biased in such a way as to reflect my love for this territory and my gratitude for living here.  I reiterate to my fellow Texans, in my rear view mirror, my love for the lone star state and those living there.  But the excitement I feel when wandering among the firey red rock towers of the southwest U.S. is no match for my home town yearnings.

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