Lisa Hering 2020 Artist

   I am a geologist by education, a mental health advocate, an author of short stories, artist in oil painting and art journaling, and an observer of human nature. As a promoter of mental health, I promote many kinds of art and literature as a way of self expression which leads to self understanding, and ultimately to self empowerment. Please visit my sections on those topics to learn more about how to express yourself through art and literature.



Tap Into Good Mental Health

Self Expression is one key to a healthy mind.

     If I could only do one thing, it would be to give the world the gift of mental health. It goes by many titles. Happiness. Joy. Self Worth. Acceptance. Love, and the Source of Love. Those words are all related, and define a concept that is the very essence of our will to survive. We’ve developed mentally past the stage of just staying alive. That is no longer enough for us. Acceptance of self and a community are both essential to humankind. As a smart old woman told me one time, “Dying is easy. It’s living that’s hard to do.”   


     The things I do help me to pursue mental health. I condone any activity when increases the general mental health of the world, and it starts by increasing mental health one person at a time. Once, a Miss America beauty pagent contestant stated that her goal in life was to promote world peace, right after she rented her first apartment. It seems odd and even funny to put those two goals in the same sentence, in essence, in the same level or urgency. But I believe world peace is possible, and I intend to justify that in my future posts. We are in a transitional world now, between the era of constant human expansion on Earth and the era of advancing the civilizations which are already in place. That gives us the edge we need to build a greater and more satisfied middle class, a class dedicated to human compassion, as evidenced by the Civil War, the first war to free slaves.  Thus, I do not give up on mankind, but rather do my part in advocating self empowerment and peace. 

     To this, I promote self expression and creativity. Creativity is the outpouring of self expression, both vital parts of a healthy state of mind. I practice several forms of creativity, including visual, tactile, building and literary art. Visually, I paint in various mediums, primarily oils. In the tactile arts, or fiber arts, as a former alpaca owner, I weave, spin, knit, and crochet wearable art. In the building arts, I renovate old houses. But my forte lies in the literary short story, but not your typical short story. These are virtual experiences for everyone. I simply record what I see in my intentional daydreams, a special type of daydream, without any form of preparation other than selecting relaxing music and being prepared to write it all down. I don’t feel that I am the creator of the stories, even though I am. And they pertain to important moral issues which take a subject of concern and turn it into something one need not be afraid of, a way to live with difficult experiences, in a sense, to be able to move on and develop as a mentally healthy person. I simply release my thoughts without filtering, and I call them “mind releases”.

     Here is an excerpt from one of my stories entitled “Chamber Music in the Forest”.

grand canyon dept of int “Here was everything I desired, the omnipresence of something greater than myself in which I could find shelter and safety, something big and massive that would protect me. Always there. It scared me and excited me all at the same time. I could not take my eyes away. And I could not ever forget the moment I knew that this was what I needed to make my life complete.”


I audio voice record them and post them for free listening. It’s a great way to relax. Put in your ear buds, sit in that easy chair or get on the treadmill, and feel the stress melt. 

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