My Old House

I am currently renovating an old Victorian home from 1885 in North Carolina. When done, it will be more of a work of art than a renovation. If you want to be notified of updates, just send me an email at and I’ll add you to my email list. I also do oil paintings and creative writing. 

Lisa Hering


I paint in oils, I do art journaling, I work in fiber arts such as fabric and yarn, and I alter photographs in Photoshop.

Grandmother's Scrapbooks

I am currently adding my grandmother's scrapbooks from 1915 to the website, over 4000 photos when completed.

Unguided Rides Book Cover

Creative Writing

I love to write stories.

AS OF LATE . . .

Rerecording Stories in ASMR

Nov 29, 2020 I have discovered that I love the sound of ASMR, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or brain massage, a “relaxing almost sedative sensation, triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles.” I’ve also found a better way to record music, and put together with a just above whisper voice, sounds quite professional. Listen to the new version of Halleluiah, I Saw an Angel and By the Fire. I’ve also rerecorded my lengthy saga style poem, All I Ever was, to some epic sounding music that’s quite nice.

Sweater Completed

Nov 28, 2020 Weather’s been too bad to finish up the replacement siding outside, so I took this rainy season (oh forgot, that’s all year long in NC) to make Dad a sweater he’d asked for. He wanted two pockets for his hands and one for his pen. He likes it.

Grandmother's Scrapbooks

Nov 21, 2020  Happy Anniversary to Phil and Deedie. My dad has been wanting me to put my grandmother’s scrapbooks online for a long time, but there was always something more important to do first. But I had a deadline now to get them online by today, as an anniversary momento. Please everyone enjoy perusing the photos (see under photo tab). They have brought back a lot of memories to me and my dad. 

Online Project

Nov14, 2020  Have momentarily stopped working on the house so I can get my grandmother’s scrapbooks online for everyone to see. There are over 4000 images, and so it’s a much bigger project than I ever imagined!

Rework Exterior

Nov 7, 2020  Working on the exterior while weather is still good. The contractor didn’t waterproof the window on the addition, so the boards rotted and I’m replacing them. They won’t rot this time. I’ve definitely overdone it, and used PVC “wood”. That will last until the earth explodes. And then some!

Shower Mosaic Project

All of October, 2020  Still working on shower tile. I hadn’t intended to do quite as much work on this, but as usual, I get artistic ideas as I progress on a project. And I love the way it is turning out. Blue ocean waves with a tan travertine negative space that upclose turns out to be piano keys. 

Greg's Visit

Sept 26, 2020 Greg came for dad’s birthday on Sept. 25. First birthday without mom, so it was really nice to have him here. He worked all week and we set him up and office. Since he works from home now he can work anywhere. Nice for us. I worked outside to keep indoor noise to a minimum.

Genealogy Project