I’ve been told that hope is not a good plan. 

And perhaps it is true that it may indeed not be a good primary plan. However, think of what would not be without the existence of hope. The wonders of the world might not have been attempted without any hope of completion. And in realizing such logic lies a paradox. I would not make a plan that did not include hope, because while it is not a good plan, it is a great plan. It is the one plan no one should be without. It is the insurance we need to survive our worst disasters. Think of all that has been done in the name of hope. Is there any great achievement that has not utilized hope? A great plan requires solid thinking, research, wisdom, experience, advice of experts, trials and tests, and prayerful execution. But if all that fails, there is still hope. Hope is that strange little part of our consciousness that causes us to push on and not give up when the going gets tough. It is that morsel of motivation that says I can do it because I don’t know for sure that I can’t. 

These are the things I ponder without leaving my chair. I can go to the end of the world, to the end of time, to the border between expanding universes and return with the experiences that lead me to understand not what lies cloaked out there, but what is hidden deep within my own consciousness. 

Credit Mosaica
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