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New Stories Live Audio

Several new stories are live on my website with both written and audio access. These are the first five short stories in my second book called “Impossible Adventures”. Read them or listen to them on audio with a soft, musical background. Relaxing and informative. All teach a lesson that frees a worried mind.

Where Dreams are Born: What was it like to be in the mother’s womb and be born? Everyone does it, but no one remembers. Join me in the most obvious enigma ever, that likens the womb to a Victorian greenhouse.

Rain Over Sedona: A woman learns to move on after having lost much. Life must go forward. We cannot go back. Memories are for history. The future and present are for the living.

Halleluiah: Dying our own death is a normal part of life, but so many fear it. A baby dies to the womb environment and is born to an earthly life. When we die to this earthly life, what wonderful things await us, and who will we see? This story shows how death can lead us into something wonderful.

Love in a Prism: Two lovers plan to reunite, but it never happens. She dies in a plane crash, or does she? See the two possible endings, both which free the man to have a new life with a new wife that makes him happy.

Life of a Bubble: This story teaches the lesson of self empowerment and love. A woman finds herself trapped in a bubble all alone and not knowing how to get out. But she finds that once she understands how to enjoy her own company within the bubble, the doors open and the bubble becomes her vehicle and trusty steed to take her wherever she wants to go.

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