Impossible Adventures

Short Stories with depth


This story of never ending love shows our own death as something not to be feared, but as an experience no different than birth in that it is leaving a known world and entering into a new and unfamiliar world which becomes an adventure rather than a punishment. The people we are with become the key to every journey, and this is no different. Our burdens remain in the old world, while we have the gift of a new life.

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Love in a Prism

Two lovers plan to reunite, but it never takes place. She is stuck at the airport, and unexplained events occur. He waits in his vehicle to pick her up, but she never comes. A prism hangs from his rear view mirror. The light through the prism becomes his window into her world. Their love now lives within the prism. Will he ever see her again? 

Note: This story was written with two endings. Choose the one you like the best. 

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Life of a Bubble

What would it be like to take a ride in side a slip sliding bubble? What if you weren’t told why you were there, how to get out, and if you could ever get out? What if you felt helpless inside the bubble? But what if you figured it out, how to master not only the bubble, but your own destiny? And what if you made that bubble into something that enriched your life? What if that bubble became your loyal steed, taking you to the lands of your heart’s desire? Can you imagine?

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Rain Over Sedona

A woman’s goal is to go back to a place where life seemed perfect, but going back is not the dream she envisioned. The place is underwater and devoid of life, and she realizes she cannot go back, but must go forward. The plug is literally pulled and she is sucked down a vortex with the water and dropped onto a new, blank map where she must forge a new trail ahead, not behind. She must learn that if your destination is a path, you change with the times and that love and relationships are more important than a place and even reaching a goal.

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Where Dreams are Born


She is in the most peaceful place known to man. She has time to relax, take in a good book, and sip her tea all while being perfectly comfortable and having the enjoyment of sweet talking birds and tropical plants. But one cannot expect peace forever, and she is swept away by a flash flood, leaving the world she knows, and being reborn into a new world. Birth is something we all share, but rarely remember. What was it like? 

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Silver DragonThe Dragon’s Breath

A mother has a baby boy. As he grows, she gives him the love he needs. She is not jealous, she is not boastful, but she is patient and kind. She reads him a story about a fire eating dragon, and that becomes their theme. This is the love story between a mother and her son. It is the way mother and son should be.

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The Serpent and the Water Maiden


Sometimes we need help to do a thing right. We can’t be good at everything, and to be true to one’s self, we should bask in our own natural talents and use them to their fullest extent, allowing others to use their talents. When two shall partner up, each doing what they know best, there is a synchronous magic so perfect that the world will listen, watch, and remember, a magic that only happens when you accept the help you need.

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Garden in the Sky


The sins we commit two by two, we pay for one by one. Can we find forgiveness for the sins of our youth? Can we forgive ourselves? Will our judge understand our true desires, and the dreams we shared no different than others? Have we already judged that which is not to be judged? Sometimes, we can be too hard on ourselves, and we can waste a life unnecessarily, our own. Life doesn’t come with a manual, and we learn by making mistakes. One can end up with a lot, while the other ends up with little, and yet a third ends up with nothing more than a name.  Yet each can possess the same amount of sorrow and the same amount of love. Forgiveness, not judgment, defines a world of peace.

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Miracle Meadow
The Dance of Atlantis

Her life is in Atlantis and she is happy. It is a magical place for her. She knows the sea creatures and is part of their life. She makes music and lives with gods and geniuses. But it is she whom they revere. She is not a goddess nor a genius. She is plain and simple, and the mother of one who embodies all the goodness of the world. She is the mother of goodness.

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How Atlantis Came to Be

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Atlantis and the Sharks

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