Unguided Rides, Short Stories with depth

I Saw an AngelI SAW AN ANGEL

Finding out that others may view you better than you view yourself can be a life changing experience. A little boy who represents all the goodness of the world brings me into a world of love and acceptance. 

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By the FireBy the Fire

A dog’s love and a hiker’s willingness to experience the life of animated energy combine to bring a story to life that shows truly impossible adventures. 

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Sunflower ImpressionismAn Artist’s Block Rendered in Impressionism

Something bothered this artist so much that she experienced a painter’s block. See how she renewed her inspiration in this heartwarming story told in full vibrant colors.

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Black Girl in Bellaire

Racial differences shouldn’t get in our way, and one way to help transgress racial borders is to see things from all points of view, yours and theirs. In this short story, I am a black woman, and I spread joy, understanding, and a newness to old lives through my example and my love of life. I’m just an ordinary human being, plain and simple, with love in her heart. 

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The blue-green water is approaching as I dive seaward towards the water I have long feared. I can smell the salt. I pass across the sky/water boundary and come face to face with the massive sea to wait my fate. 

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Painting of Chamber Music in the ForestCHAMBER MUSIC IN THE FOREST

As a child, I had fallen in love with the Grand Canyon and was determined to live there someday. At home, from my bedroom window, I often looked across the highway at the forest and knew the Grand Canyon was over there a thousand miles away. But I heard music coming from that direction, and one day, I decided to find the source that would help me soar as a raven in the canyon and find my dreams.

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Lady LibertyLady Liberty

Most of us see it as being difficult to uphold all the values we hold dear, especially when it seems many of those we stand to protect are not upholding those very same values. And what if your only job was to represent freedom to the oppressed, and yet, those oppressed had not become free? The book you’ve held for 250 years has only one word: Liberty. The torch you’ve pushed high into the air for newcomers, to imprint your intentions, becomes a heavy burden, almost too heavy to carry. How would you renew your mind and body? See how the greatest woman in America did just that.

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Whale Shark and Butterfly wings by Price at Emma Skinner ExhibitTHE WHALE SHARK, THE BUTTERFLY, AND ME

Creatures of land, sea, and sky are traveling companions on a journey across the universe to the very edge which will answer all my questions about life.

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Happy Monster Production HouseThe Monster in the Maze

Finding your way through the maze of paths in life can be daunting. Sometimes we don’t see the right path because we are purposely avoiding it, thinking it is the wrong path. This metaphorical story will highlight how to find the right path even if it seems like the wrong one. 

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The Pianist

He is a master pianist. The piano keys are the voice for the emotions he cannot otherwise express. And he in exchange is the gate keeper for the voice of 88 keys that, without him, have no voice at all.  Each gives life to the other. The man is missing someone, and he turns to music for the inner peace he seeks. When he plays, there is not man nor keyboard. There is merely one vibration called music, a language understood universally.

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Knight in Shining ArmorMy Great Dane and Knights in Shining Armor

A father’s greatest wish is to have his children’s lives fulfilled. See how one father accomplishes this by reinfusing excitement and motivation into the life of his daughter, with the help of not just family and friend’s, but with the help of the the whole world on a journey through the universe. This is also a Mother’s Day tribute to my mother. 

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Oak LeafThe Valiant Leaf

If you can put yourself into the place of another and see life from their viewpoint, you can be anything, be anywhere and do anything, all while possessing compassion for all living beings without leaving the hammock in your own backyard. A leaf falls on her chest, and instead of reading her book, she falls asleep and understands how valuable and exciting a leaf’s life is to the leaf. Knowledge is power. Experiences are even more powerful. Join the leaf on a journey where no leaf has ever gone, to the North Pole!

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