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Unguided Rides Book Cover

     A collection of 12 short stories, called “mind releases”, stories directly and unedited from the most inner depths of the subconscious, hold deep meaning and truth buried in symbolism. These stories are meant to aid in destressing and relaxing to promote mental health. It’s about understanding what you have and seeing those things in a new light, a light that is not only livable, but true to oneself about one’s own destiny. It’s about taking journeys without ever leaving your hammock. Read in a comfy chair or close your eyes and listen to the audio with relaxing music in the background – compelling works you can’t forget. 

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     A second collection of 12 short stories from the pureness of the subconscious. “Impossible Adventures” begin to intertwine with stories from the previous book, “Unguided Rides” to uncover connections to the past and to the future. The stories become somewhat of a multifaceted saga, each story playing a significant part, but not having been connected prior. The stories are presented as written and as conceived, but not necessarily in chronological order. The way that they relate to each other is most unexpected, and brings some serendipitous turns of fate. Find out where dreams are born.

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     A continuing saga in short stories, this third collection of 12 short stories brings the reader into the realm of the author. The stories form a framework that houses the most significant events of human life, revolving around family, love lost and love found, finding real happiness and peace within our world of ups and downs. The truth of life is to be able to deal with what we have been given and the things that keep coming along, now and in the future. To understand life is to understand how the game is played, and to turn our misfortunes into our fortunes. And for that, you must look from above to see the entire playing field, and that is the ungrounded journey. Please join me. 

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