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Unguided Rides Book Cover

  This is the first in a collection of unusual short stories that take you on unguides rides, journeys into other points of view, without ever leaving your hammock. They are designed to promote relaxation. Read or listen to comforting descriptions of far away places that somehow remind us of home. Become something else and experience life as a leaf or an ember or a statue. Read in a comfy chair or close your eyes and listen to the audio with relaxing music in the background. Great for promoting a feeling of serenity. The audio can be used a sleep aid while you listen to a soft voice and relaxing music.

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         In this second book of short stories, Hering brings us more adventures from the pureness of the subconscious. Release your greatest fears and fly away. Uncover connections to the past and to the future. Find out what it’s like to die and to be born. Experience the unexpected, and witness serendipitous turns of fate. Find out where dreams are born. Use your imagination to picture each setting and allow yourself to be lulled into a dreamy state of mind. Audio recording features relaxing music designed to help you destress, so sit back in a comfy chair and close your eyes. 

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    This is Hering’s third collection of short stories and she brings the reader or listener into a realm of significant events of human life, revolving around family, love lost and love found, finding real happiness and peace within our world of ups and downs. The truth of life is to be able to deal with what we have been given and the things that keep coming along, now and in the future. To understand life is to understand how the game is played, and to turn our misfortunes into our fortunes. And for that, you must look from above to see the entire playing field, and that is the ungrounded journey. Let go for a moment and put yourself in a safe place. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

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