Laura Hall Hering Scrapbooks

A presentation of the family scrapbooks of Laura Allen Hall Hering, my grandmother. Laura’s Scrapbook Memoirs begin over 100 years ago, in 1915 when she accepted the proposal of a tall, fair, and handsome young man by the name of Albert William Hering. Well documented with handwritten annotations on the yellowed pages, she recorded the story of their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren in photographs, newspaper clippings, cards and letters, even flower petals and the last grain of wheat from their farm. 

Lisa Hering Arizona "Photographics"

My heart will always remain in the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. I lived in Sedona for almost 20 years, and here are some of my favorite photos, many of which I have artistically altered in photoshop. 

Grecian Revival House 1840

This is a house I own down the street from my current renovation project. I did a fair amount of work a few years ago, before I got onto my current home. I’ll either renovate this one when I’m finished with the current house, or sell it as is. ($59K) Old houses have a story to tell for anyone brave enough to sleuth. I find it adventurous to try to discover that story as I peel back coats of paint and remove old fireplace mantels hiding letters that slipped behind them a century ago. Join me for an adventure into the past. 

Lisa Hering
Writer, Artist, Home Renovator