Old House Renovation

Our Historic Renovation Project: A Tale of Two Houses 2017-2020

#1 Roof, Foundation, and Painting
I stumbled upon an old house of the classic Grecian style and instantly fell in love with it. But there is more to fixing up an old house than love. For me, the end product was worth overcoming the obstacles, and the knowledge I gained was an education I will always carry with me to, possibly, the next renovation. Check out this beautiful 1840’s Grecian house before and after. 
A Gothic with Charm: 1885 Bryant – Haislip House
#2 Photos Before Renovation
Six months into the project, another house came up for sale just down the street. Quite unexpectedly, my parents decided to buy it. She was a true disaster, but her five gothic gables and simple lines charmed even my father who has sworn he didn’t want an old house. Switching gears, the 1885 Bryant – Haislip House become our number one project.

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#3 Starting Out

The first six months began with a great effort to get the house done in “7 weeks”, as quoted by my contractor. When seven weeks passed, the project was only growing larger, as more and more termite damage was discovered. Eventually, months passed with no sign of an end. That’s when the contractor suddenly disappeared. It was a hot summer, and I decided I’d paint the exterior while seeing if the contractor would show up again. Day after day, week after week, the walls glowed with new paint, but a new contractor was in order.  

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#4 On the Outside and Inside the Walls

Columns, Shutters, Wrap Around Porch, Piers, and Insulation

The second contractor started making good headway, and it was nice to see the progress. However, sadly, within about four months, he died at home. It seemed the project was doomed. However, a third contractor appeared on the horizon, a brave soul, and we were rolling down the tracks again.

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#5 Sheetrock, Painting, and Tile

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#6 Exterior Paint, Interior Trim and Lighting
#7 Bathrooms, Kitchen, and Gingerbread
#8  We Move In
Master Bedroom and Bath, Guest Bedroom and Bath

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Update #9
Artistic Details
Update #10 Finishing the Upper Level

Two Bedrooms each with Private Ensuite Bathrooms
This update under construction
Update #11 Revisiting the Grecian Goddess
As yet, I have not finished this house. But here are all the original photos of it before renovation.

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