The Breath of Life

By Lisa Hering, March 11, 2020

I say life is all about the ordinary. The universe tells us in so many ways. It repeats the message over and over. Ordinary makes peace. Peace makes simple. Simple makes low maintenance. Low maintenance makes longevity. Longevity makes survival. Life is only complicated when you’re not at peace. When you are at peace, life is simple and easy to explain. And even if you can only experience that for short periods at a time, those plain old ordinary moments should be cherished, because those are the moments you will remember when you are old, or whenever you seek peace.

Yep, just a plain old nothing new day, with the same old friends and the same old house and the same old cat and dog on the porch. Why would I say something so ridiculous? Because, ordinary things give me peace of mind. If I had excitement every day, I’d hit burn out all too fast. My learning curve would never end. Sometimes, the ordinary is really extraordinary.

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